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Second hand server

We offer you second hand servers at major discounts. We buy surplus stocks from distributors, ISP / ASP, telco and all kinds of companies. We test incoming second hand servers with our quality inspection team. Our focus is on storage equipment from Cisco, HP and Dell. We buy and sell second hand servers all over Europe. Benefit from our prices plus warranty (3 or 12 months).

Our clients like our value for money on second hand servers and up to 80% off the original list price. But once our customers get to know us better they value also:
  • » product quality
  • » technical skills about second hand servers
  • » quality assurance including a warranty (3 months or 1 year)
  • » speed in all we do
  • » large stock of second hand servers
  • » data security

Second hand server product ranges

We have a large stock of second hand servers from top brands such as HP, Dell, Cisco and Lenovo. The best stock circulation is on second hand HP ProLiant servers. Read more about our articles and prices on:

We buy and sell second hand servers

We are a European reseller of new, remarketed and second hand servers, routers, switches and other IT hardware. You can contact our staff in English, German, Dutch and French. We make it easy to buy and sell second hand servers. As long as we stick to high quality products from top brands with an age of 3 years maximum.

Contact us

We buy and sell second hand servers in the following countries:
Second hand server in UK Second hand server in Germany
Second hand server in France Second hand server in Italy
Second hand server in Netherlands Second hand server in Belgium
Second hand server in Switzerland Second hand server in Austria
Second hand server in Sweden Second hand server in Norway
Second hand server in Finland Second hand server in Denmark

The 7 benefits:

    • discounts up to 80%
    • 1 year warranty
    • extensive testing program
    • Large server stock
    • fast delivery
    • professional staff
    • technical support